Am I…. love you ?

by celo

Niatnya pingin nulis sesuatu yang nyrempet-nyrempet masalah sosial… Apa boleh buat…

Sometimes I think it’s not fair.
It seems like you underestimating me.
Taking me easy and just ignoring me.
But it just my imagination after all.
It’s all right, I think, if you ignore me.
Cause there’s always your token of affection to me.
Every night.
Every day.

Sometimes I feel so angry.
When I realize a silly thing.
It’s because I never know what do you think of me.
But then I think back again…
It’s even from the first time
Because you know what ?
I don’t want you to know what do I think of you too
It’s even right ?

Love is simple, I know.
But loving you isn’t really that simple, you know
Somehow your simple love just makes my chest heavy
Fills up with something confusing
And sudenly I just want to die so you can’t see my silly face
Yes it’s all because your simple love
My face suddenly turning red
And I just can’t say a thing

Yeah love is simple.
Try to understand it so much just make it more complicated

May be it’s not understandable
And it’s hard to believe too
But would you like to trust me
If I say, “I love you so much…”