Festival Film Dokumenter 2012: Day Four.

by celo

It’s been weeks, I know, almost a month, technically a year cause it’s already 2013 (YAAAAAAAAY! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!). Been busy and such and barely made it here now, the fourth day of FFD 2012. I planned to watch five documentaries that day, sadly I had no time to do so cause that day, my friend’s band had their first music video shot. So yeah, this and that, I could only managed to watch two of five documentaries I planned. Well, enough ranting for the start…,

* * *

Okay, so the first documentary I watched that day was Nuklir Jawa, a 48 minutes documentary tagged under Feature-Length Documentary and sorted for National Documentary Film Competition.

Was it good? Well, it was entertaining and informative, but it’s not a good start if your energy drained from the movie marathon a day before. I was hoping that I could watch the whole movie awake because it was a good movie actually. The documentary told us about the possibility of build a nuclear power station in Java. Such a huge issue to fuss about, eh? I thought so. It filmed the debates and controversy regarding the proposed plan. Anyway, you could tell that it’s very one-sided if you watched it. It’s their choice, I guess. every documentary, I think, is a media to channel someone’s idea. Therefore, it’s okay if the framed the issue like that. But it IS one-sided.

One thing I could remember about this documentary that it was sponsored by Green Peace (presumably) and the mock some government officer’s statement. A funny package, I think, but still, my negative bias to Green Peace made it looks terrible 😆 Forget it.

* * *

For me, Les Porteurs d’Espoir, is an underdog. The whole five days, I only cried my lungs out watching this very movie :blush: Oh, yeah, I did cry during movie screening, what do you think I am? I’m still a human, bro, i do cry, especially when I see something touching. This movie is one of them and I’m not shame to admit it, at all!

Les Porteurs d’Espoir (let’s call it d’Espoir from now on) is a 89 minutes about a new way of teaching method in Quebec. There, the kids was taught to do a research. Not a super research but a mere text-book research, step by step. How they put their effort to do it is the super one. They tried to stop vandalism in their city by their teacher’s method. Firs by identified the problem and so on and on and on. It’s kinda cute to see their effort to learn. Their despair when they realized that the problem they found being turned down by the adults around them. but they fought back, shove the method in front of their face even dragged the city mayor to their classroom for some questions and interrogation about the transparency of city’s fund 😆

Well in the end the prove that they can do it, they build a wall in the city park so that the youngster of the town stopped making gravity at people’s wall and they got it for free by touch the heart of the builders and one kind-hearted contractor. Gosh, it was very touching and I learnt a lot from the documentary, especially one about not turning down children’s idea, even the funniest one because we grown up already, we see something pragmatically and they don’t. A very great experience for me watching this documentary :blush:

* * *