Sumber Watu Heritage – Abhayagiri Restaurant

by celo

It was always a bless—and a blast—to find a new quite and peaceful place to refresh your soul. Luckily, I had it last weekend when I went to Sumberwatu. At first, it was really tiring cause I wanted to go to several uncommon temples (Hindu’s and Buddha’s) such as Banyunibo Temple, Barong Temple, Sojiwan Temple, and Archa Ganesha. I’m not gonna lie to you, it was really-really tiring for the accommodation is not as easy as if you want to go to such a well-known temple like Prambanan Temple. But in the end, all the efforts were payed off.

All of those beautiful temples and the green scenery presented, it was really worth it. Moreover, at the end of our journey, we spent our afternoon waiting sunset at Abhayagiri Restaurant, the only reason why I stopped complaining about all the tiring things I did that day.

Sumber Watu Heritage’s main buildings is wonderfully extraordinary. At the first look, the main buildings will remind us to Ratu Boko Temple. The textured bricks planted in the wall of the main buildings let us feel the archaic yet sophisticated architecture. The combination of an archaic sensation brought by the temple-like architecture and solid stateliness of the Sumber Watu Heritage itself will amaze us of its splendid beauty.

Situated far enough from the city heart of Yogyakarta but still can be easily reached, Abhayagiri Restaurant tries to offer you a different nuance of enjoying meal—or having a great romantic dinner. With its calmness and peaceful feeling offered, you can easily forget all the craziness of city’s monotonous routines that chasing you days after days. Abhayagiri Restaurant will let you relaxing yourself so you can enjoy the delicious and tasty international menu made only with freshest ingredients without any burdens on your shoulders.

Abhayagiri Restaurant tasteful foods completed with a great excellency serve of the waitress. Every staffs and workers in Abhayagiri is not only diligent but also kind, friendly, generous and smiling whenever they serve us. It feels like smile is not a special thing in Abhayagiri Restaurant because we can find it everywhere there. Foods and beverages will be more tasty with someone who always smile around us. Abhayagiri Restaurant seems to know that the taste of the foods is not the only thing that important for a restaurant, a good serve also counts and Abhayagiri Restaurant provides more than a good foods and serve. They serve the best.

Not even that, there’s one thing you can only find in Abhayagiri Restaurant. Abhayagiri Restaurant also entertain us with traditional dance choreographed by the owner depicts the life of Roro Jonggrang. It’s different with dance performance showed at Prambanan Temple that depicts Ramayana story, Abahayagiri Restaurant’s dance about Roro Jonggrang—which served as their signature dance—will tell us about the story about the very life of Roro Jonggrang, including the making of Prambanan Temple itself. More than an entertainment performance, this signature dance is full of philosophy. Sumber Watu Heritage is indeed a place of philosophy, every materials used for the main buildings have their own story, so it’s only natural if the dance also has a meaning behind.

Satisfied enough with best delicacy, serving, eloquent buildings and entertainment, don’t forget to satisfy your eyes with a clear view of Mount Merapi and Prambanan Temple. Abhayagiri Restaurant was never neglect your basic need of self-actualization. There’s a dock for you to take picture of yourself with Mount Merapi and Candi Prambanan as the background. Placed only ten minutes from Adisutjipto International Airport, Abhayagiri Restaurant has a great advantage of green scenery as the surrounding. It’s very peaceful and serene as wherever you place your eyes there’s only green that your eyes can take.

Abahayagiri Restaurant arise as a perfect choice for your need of delicacy and good place to hang out with your friend. It’s not your daily town-restaurant that filled with monotonous city-view but a complete different place with breathtaking sight of Mount Merapi, Prambanan Temple, and green scenery that you can’t find in other place. For further information, please kindly reach Abhayagiri Restaurant from Facebook, twitter or by phone at (0274) 4469277.